In 2016, there were 44,965 suicides in the United States.

A suicide scene can involve blood, body fluids and even death. The results are much more intense than even the most dramatic show on network television because it touches your life, your property and everyone you hold dear. We’re a professional Suicide Cleanup Company that offers our Certified Sanitation Services throughout the United States. After the law enforcement personnel, investigators and forensic scientists leave, the location of the situation is still covered in the evidence and left for the victim’s grieving family or the property owner. If you’re in this situation, contact us for help today.

Suicide Cleanup, Help When You Need It

Suicide Cleanup provides service to all 50 states, every day of the year. We offer our nation-wide help when you need it most, no matter the time of day. Our services include the cleaning, sanitization, and removal of any hazardous remains following a suicide.

We are far more than a cleaning company. We have been providing the nation-wide biohazard removal solutions for individuals, small businesses & major corporations for years. When it comes to trauma, we are second to none; our highly trained staff go above and beyond OSHA, EPA, and DEC standards. We are entirely devoted to providing our clients with the greatest degree of support while strictly following the optimum safety techniques.

Suicide Trauma Restoration Services

Not only is the task of removing the evidence of a death horrific but it also comes with multiple health risks to the person actually doing the cleaning and anyone entering the area in the future. All bodily fluids are considered biohazard and can lead to infection. Whether you’re wanting to restore the crime scene to continue living in the area or you’d like to sell your property, our services can guarantee safety for everyone. Our trauma cleaning technicians have the required certifications needed to sanitize the area, the permits to dispose of any unrestorable items and we are passionate about handling crime scenes that most would turn away from. Our motivation is to ensure no more pain comes from the crimes that have been committed and that everyone affected can have their best chance to heal, without needing to worry about getting the environment back to safety.

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