Nothing is easy right now, but we can help make it better. As trauma recovery and restoration professionals, it’s our job to step in and relieve you of the unpleasant—and potentially hazardous—responsibility of physically cleaning up a suicide.

Our teams are discreet, efficient, and thorough, ensuring you’ll be spared the sensory reminders of the events that took place on the premises. Trained extensively in the field, our technicians follow a comprehensive checklist to verify every surface is cleaned and sanitized, and that odors are neutralized at the source—not masked by chemical fragrances.

Your goal is to get through this difficult time with minimal emotional trauma. Ours is to restore the property to it’s pre-incident condition.

Suicide Cleanup

We’re psychologically prepared and properly equipped for the unpleasant task of suicide cleanup. What may take you or your family days, we could complete in hours. When family and friends attempt to clean up after a traumatic death, they often unknowingly spread the contamination, requiring a biohazard cleaning company to come in and take over halfway through the process. Sometimes, the missed areas don’t become apparent until much later when environmental conditions cause undiscovered stains or odors to reappear.

We develop a remediation plan for every project, beginning with an inspection of the immediate and surrounding area using bioreactive detection agents. We map out the premises, isolating contaminated work areas from those found to be free of biohazard and bloodborne pathogens.

If you’re unsure about the process, you may end up using the wrong cleaning solutions and equipment. These can unnecessarily damage the home and its contents, forcing body fluid deeper into flooring and furniture. We use non-toxic, CDC-approved plant-based cleaning compounds wherever appropriate, and we remove and dispose of non-salvageable materials according to local OSHA and EPA regulations. We leave no contaminated liquids in carpet padding or subflooring that can harbor bacteria, mold, fungi, or viruses.

We do this every day. This is perhaps the worst day of your life. Are you really up to the task?

Crime Scene Cleanup

Single suicides are often investigated as crime scenes, but when physical violence or homicide are a factor, the scene is always subject to in-depth law enforcement investigation By the time the scene is released to the next-of-kin or property owner, our teams are usually on standby to begin the decontamination process. What’s more, we can locate and remove fingerprint dust, blood detection compounds, and other telltale signs of forensic investigation.

Biohazard Vehicle Cleanup

Suicides often take place in personal vehicles, RVs, and boats. Insufficient blood cleanup significantly damages vehicles, causing odors to linger long after the incident. Should you choose to have the vehicle repaired for sale or continued ownership, you’ll be required to remove any signs of biohazardous material before auto specialists will agree to proceed. Dealers and auto auctioneers, out of concern for liability, now use detection chemicals to check to protect themselves from liability.

General Blood Cleanup

Our services are not limited to crime scene or suicide cleanup. Any time the presence of blood and other biohazard material puts people at risk, we’re prepared to respond, remediate, and restore the property according to applicable safety standards—no matter the extent or age of the contamination.

You Have Options

This is an overwhelming, emotional, and exhausting time for you and your family. We’d like to invite you to explore our helpful articles, or reach out to our customer support agents to find out how we can help. The property or vehicle’s insurance policy is likely to cover the cost of our services, and we can guide you through the proper channels.


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