Suicide Cleanup

Dealing with the suicide of a loved one is traumatic. When cleaning up after a suicide is necessary, it is import to avoid traumatizing yourself further with the cleanup. Our company will take care of everything for you, safely cleaning up the scene and getting your space back to normal. There is a lot for you to deal with when a loved one commits suicide. Allow the cleanup to be taken care of by a professional, so you can work through your own grief.

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Suicide Cleanup

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Suicide cleanup involves dealing with bio hazards that need to be handled properly. You can't just throw contaminated materials in the trash. A professional company wears all of the correct protective gear during a death scene cleanup to stay safe from any hazards. The scene can be gruesome, and cleaning up after a suicide will take some time, effort, and expertise when excessive blood is involved.

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Suicide Cleanup

We are a professional trauma cleaning company that offers our Certified Sanitation Services throughout the United States.

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Don't Traumatize Yourself Further

Death by suicide is hard enough to deal with. Trying to scrub the scene clean is only going to make your memories of the event worse. If the suicide happens in your own home, you don't want to remember trying to get the area clean on your own. If you come in contact with any of the blood or brain matter on your own, you will need to seek immediate medical care.

Personal Protective Equipment And Death Cleanup

The protective equipment that needs to be worn during after-death cleanup services involves overalls, disposable gloves, goggles, safety shoes, and respirators. When you are trying to clean up after a suicide and don't have the correct equipment, you will expose yourself to unnecessary hazards. A professional company will have the equipment necessary to stay safe during the process, so that you don't have to worry about it.

Restore Materials That Can Be Used Again

If the death scene cleanup involves carpets, walls or ceilings, after-death cleanup services will do what they can to restore these materials back to normal. It takes specific cleaning protocols to remove bodily fluids from carpets, furniture, and walls. Your cleaning company will work hard to remove stains and get your home back in order after a death in your home.

The Removal of Damaged Materials

Before your cleaning company gets to work, they will talk to you about the materials in the scene that are damaged beyond repair. They will ask your permission to throw away the damaged materials in an effort to get your room back to normal. Cleaning the scene will begin with removing all material that is beyond repair in order to see what is left to be cleaned. Any items that are removed because they can't be cleaned or used further will be appropriately discarded.

If Bodily Fluids Seep Into the Floor

When bodily fluids have seeped below your flooring into the subfloor, it will probably be necessary to remove the area of flooring and contaminated sub-flooring. If the fluids can be cleaned up and didn't get below the surface, the floor will be carefully cleaned and sealed off to protect the floor from further damage. The cleaning protocol involves using a specialized cleaner that breaks up bodily fluid in order for the fluid to be cleaned up properly. There may be a number of items within the death scene that need to be removed because they can't be cleaned. Upholstery, floorboards, drywall, curtains and more can all be contaminated beyond repair. When you have a trauma cleanup to take care of in your home, it's time to call for the help you deserve. You don't have to manage cleaning up after the suicide on your own.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who pays for your services?
In most cases, Homeowners or property insurance covers the cost of our services. In the cases that they do not, or if there is no insurance, Crime Victim Associations on a per-state basis offer assistance in the wake of a Traumatic incident. For more info on Crime Victim Assistance, visit our Crime Victim Assistance Database.
How soon will your crew get to me?
Pending on the location of the incident, we will dispatch within 1-3 hours after the call comes in. Arrival time will be shortly after that, pending on location. In both cases, we will dispatch and arrive ANY time, day or night, if need be.
Is there anything I should know prior to calling?
Although we are able to dispatch fine without it, there are a few helpful tips available on our Get Help Fast page, that will expedite the whole process and make everything move along quickly. Visit our Get Help Fast page here.
How soon after the incident should I call?
It is recommended that as SOON as the police, coroner and medical examiner leave the scene, and it is deemed fit for entry, you call us. We do not recommend entering the premises or the rooms affected for mental well-being reasons. This can be done at any time, day or night.
Should I be concerned about alerting my community when a suicide cleanup vehicle arrives?
All of our vehicles in service are UNMARKED. Discretion is at the utmost importance. By not having a vehicle with logos and advertising all over, the community will not know that there is a cleaning crew parked in front of your home.