No one plans for an accident…but with the American Dream averaging an hour of commuting each day, the chances of a crash is very likely. We drive by them weekly, at the least. If you’re not the one slowing down to see the incident, it’s likely you’re the one involved in the incident and now you have plenty of issues to worry about. Your own health, the safety of everyone in your automobile and the safety of the people in the other vehicle… Many times an accident leaves blood and blood can contain several health risks. If you have experienced a crash, or any other kind of bloodsheds such as a homicide, suicide, violent crime or any other type of experience that has left another’s blood, body fluids or any other type of potentially infectious disease Nationwide – can restore your vehicle. We offer our Vehicle Blood Cleanup Services to law enforcement, public transit, commercial, personal and any other type of vehicles.

Vehicle Bio-Hazard Cleaning Services

Regardless of your mode of transportation, our team of biohazard cleaners has the proper protocol to restore your vehicle back to a safe and usable condition. Trauma cleanup in a vehicle is complex if you’ve ever spilled a soda or some coffee in your vehicle you can understand…There are hard to reach spaces and creases, knobs, panels, windows that roll up and down and so many other obstacles that make complete sanitation extremely difficult to untrained individuals. And even half an inch that is not decontamination could pose a risk to you and anyone else in your vehicle.

Certified Vehicle Blood Cleanup

If you’re considering getting your vehicle a regular detail after any type of bloodshed, don’t! Not only are you putting yourself at risk but you are also putting the person that completes the detailing process at risk. They do not have the medical grade cleaning chemicals and the certifications to safely and effectively eliminate any bloodborne pathogens that may be present or the proper personal safety equipment. Blood and biohazards in a vehicle should not be left to a regular detailing company. They need to be handled by specialized cleanup professionals.

Commonly Sanitized Vehicle Types:

  • First Responder Vehicles
  • Police Cruisers
  • Busses
  • Taxis
  • Subways
  • Trains
  • Ferries
  • Airlines
  • Semi-Trucks
  • Cars
  • Trucks
  • SUVs

Blood Exposure Risks

Deciding to clean up blood from someone else’s body is risky business. And with the challenging closed off and intricate aspect of a vehicle, the risks are amplified. You may be surprised to find the presence of blood in a lot more areas than expected. Failure to completely sanitize the entire vehicle will leave the possibilities of contracting a life-changing infection open. Contact with blood and other biohazardous can lead to Hepatitis B, C, and HIV, that could progress into AIDs.

Insurance Accepted Vehicle Biohazard Cleanup

It’s just not worth the risk and insurance companies agree. Depending on your circumstance and your insurance policy if professional vehicle decontamination makes sense, it is often covered by insurance. Don’t force yourself or another that is not qualified to clean up blood, instead depend on the trained and certified biohazard cleanup professionals at

Contact us for any of your vehicle blood or biohazard cleanup services or other transportation sanitation needs throughout the US at (844)255-2462.

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