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It is imperative that when confronted with a traumatic situation in your home or business, that you act quickly and calmly. Here are a few basic tips when calling to help expedite our services to you, to help us get to you fast, along with a few tips to keep you out of harm, and level headed during this increasingly hard time.

Under no circumstances, should you enter the scene, whether it be your home or a room in your home. The mental stress you could undergo by seeing the aftermath of a scene is too much to bear. Also in some situations, bloodborne pathogens can exist in body fluids, and by exposing yourself to the area it occurred in, you present yourself to possible infection.

Whether it be us or another company, Hire a company that professionally cleans crime scenes. DO NOT attempt to clean up anything. Human body fluids and blood contains diseases and needs to be cleaned with proper equipment, chemicals, and expertise. Failing to do so can worsen the state of the room or home, or even worse, make you sick. The last thing anyone should have to do is clean up after a loved one.

If you are calling on behalf of a friend or neighbor, please have the contact info of the homeowner or next of kin. We understand that it is a very hard time for them, and will do the best we can without inconveniencing them. We sometimes need to have paperwork filled out and signed by them, so having a form of contact to them is important and will help expedite the process.

If your home or business is protected with insurance, please have the Insurance company’s name and your policy number ready. Upon calling us, our specialists will place a claim for you, to help alleviate some of the burdens. In most cases, crime scene cleanup services are covered by basic homeowners insurance. If you do not have insurance, there are local state associations that will help cover the costs after a crime has occurred in your home. Our specialists will help you determine which ones are applicable during the phone call.

Having some basic background information on the situation at hand will help speed up the response time and ensure that we send out our crew with the proper amount of equipment, chemicals, and manpower. Please indicate when the events occurred, what parts of the home or business were affected, and if available, rough square footage of the home or rooms affected. All the above-mentioned info will help assist you in our team properly dispatching out to you at a moment’s notice.

We’re available to remediate your property, any time, day or night. We’re always standing by, 24 Hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Once the police have cleared the scene, we’re there to get your home back to a safe state, so you and your family can focus on funeral arrangements, and grieve properly. The faster we are able to get in and clean, the less damage body fluids will have on your home. When allowed to sit for periods of time, blood and bodily fluids can seep through floors and sub-floors, and cause permanent damage to your home’s structure.