We are one of the leading Trauma / Crime Scene cleaners in the nation. Our services include blood cleanup, suicide/death & homicide clean up, industrial accident clean up, injury clean up, filth & hoarding clean up services, biohazard vehicle cleanup, as well as tear gas remediation to name a few.

With that being said, we are far more than just a crime scene cleanup company. We have been providing the nation with biohazard removal solutions for individuals, small businesses & major corporations. When it comes to crime, we are second to none; our highly trained staff go above and beyond OSHA, EPA, and DEC standards. We are entirely devoted to providing our clients with the greatest degree of support while always following optimum safety techniques.

Crime Scene Cleanup Done Right

A crime scene can involve homicide, suicide, assault, and other actions that often lead to blood, body fluids and even death. But what happens when a situation normally found only on your TV screen comes to life? The results are much more intense than even the most dramatic show on network television because it touches your life, your property and everyone you hold dear.

Suicide Cleanup is a professional Crime Scene Cleanup Company that offers our Certified Sanitation Services throughout the United States. After the law enforcement personnel, investigators and forensic scientists leave, the location of the crime is still covered in the evidence and left for the victim’s grieving family or the property owner. If you’re in this situation, contact us for help!

Trauma and Crime Scene Restoration Services

Not only is the task of removing the evidence of a violent death horrific but it also comes with multiple health risks to the person actually doing the cleaning and anyone entering the area in the future. All bodily fluids are considered biohazard and can lead to infection. Whether you’re wanting to restore the crime scene to continue living in the area or you’d like to sell your property, our services can guarantee safety for everyone.

Our trauma cleaning technicians have the required certifications needed to sanitize the area, the permits to dispose of any unrestorable items and we are passionate about handling crime scenes that most would turn away from. Our motivation is to ensure no more pain comes from the crimes that have been committed and that everyone affected can have their best chance to heal, without needing to worry about getting the environment back to safety.

You can call our dispatchers 24/7 to learn about our crime scene cleaning services. We’ll ask you for the details necessary for us to provide you with an accurate estimate, and we’ll send out a discreet crew as soon as you regain access to your property. We work directly with your insurance, and we accept all major credit cards. Our dispatchers can also refer you to your local victim support agencies to help with financial relief.

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What is a Crime Scene?

A homicide scene is gruesome, especially if the victim was close to you. There is blood all over, curious onlookers, detectives, and a horrific smell. Memories and flashbacks follow — it’s painful imagining what the victim went through. In such a situation, you’d want to get rid of anything that makes the horrific events replay in your mind. The first step of doing that is cleaning the crime scene.

Who cleans a crime scene?

Most people have watched crime scenes in movies and drama series such as Law and Order. They know that sirens sounds, paramedics and police will come, detectives will comb the area for evidence, and the police will remove the body from the scene of the crime. Movies rarely show beyond that. So what happens after the forensic work? Family members and friends are left with a bloodied room, which they must clean as quickly as possible to clear the signs of violent death.

Crime scene cleanup can be emotionally overwhelming for family members — It exacerbates the trauma of losing a family member in a violent death. But that is not the only constraint. Blood contains pathogens that can be easily transmitted if the room is not disinfected thoroughly.

The pathogens can stay in the house for many days after shoddy clean up. Further, when cleaning the room, one might come into contact with body fluids thus increasing the risk of transmission. Cleaning a crime scene is strictly done by trained biohazard cleaners. Biohazard cleanup poses unique challenges, and regular cleaning companies might not have the capacity to clean a trauma scene.

Materials needed to clean a homicide scene

Due to the presence of biohazards, a mop and detergent are not enough to thoroughly sanitize a crime scene and protect our professional crime scene cleaners when cleaning. The following are some of the materials needed:

  • Protective equipment such as masks, ventilators, aprons, goggles, and gloves
  • Soap, bleach solution, and microbial sanitizers
  • Absorbent cloths for wiping up spills
  • Special biohazard waste receptacles
  • Steam cleaners

What does crime scene cleanup entail?

Professional cleaning of crime scenes mainly involves the following activities:

Assessing the scene: Before embarking on cleaning, professional cleaners examine the room to determine the best approach to use. That includes identifying the contaminated areas as well as the biohazards present. Blood is not the only biohazard in crimes scenes; other body fluids such as cerebral spinal fluid and pleural fluids are also biohazardous.

Preventing cross-contamination: When cleaning a crime scene, there’s a risk of transferring biohazardous materials from one area to the other. For example, if movement in the scene is not controlled, cleaners can move biohazards from uncleaned regions to the already-cleaned parts. Also, if the cleaners do not take preventive measures, biohazards can spread to other rooms beyond the crime scenes. Typical cross-contamination prevention measures include dividing the homicide scene into control zones and restricting movement within the area.

Sanitization: Professional biohazard cleaners use special chemicals such as microbial sanitizers to get the homicide scene rid of pathogens. They also have mechanisms for conducting tests to know if they have eliminated all biohazards.

Disposing of biohazardous materials:  Soft materials such as rugs, mattresses, and bed linens will probably be soaked in blood. Such materials must be disposed of properly to prevent exposing other people to infections. Most states have penalties for improper disposal of biohazardous waste. Proper disposal practices include putting the contaminated materials in appropriate biohazard bags and dumping them in designated areas.

The bottom line

Losing a friend or relative to homicide is emotionally devastating; cleaning the murder scene by yourself can intensify the emotions. Further, it exposes you to pathogens contained in body fluids. It is advisable to seek the help of professional crime scene cleaners. These these crime scene cleanup professionals expertise and experience in handling biohazard waste, and they have the materials needed to disinfect a crime scene.

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